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LenderDock is the only true, real-time insurance policy verification tool in the market today. Goosehead has teamed up with LenderDock to provide ALL financial third parties the ability to safely and securely view important policyholder details. With only a few identifying data points, trackers, lenders, and mortgagees can interact with a policy in real-time. Check out some of the cool features below.

Policy verification, binding corrections, & instant documents.

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Whether you have a policy number or any other combination of values, LenderDock can retrieve the policy details that you're required to verify. 

Policy Verification

As a lienholder, you need need to ensure your information is the most accurate and up to date on a policy. LenderDock corrections does just that.

Binding Corrections

Last minute document requests for a closing seem to take days, sometimes weeks. LenderDock can produce the required documents in seconds.

EOI/HOI Documents

Requesting a paid receipt is the most accurate way of determining escrow balances due. It's a great way to provide proof of payment, too.

Paid Receipts

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Goosehead Insurance offers real-time verification of policy details and more.